the practical beach coat both mum and all the kids like to wear

cuddle me beach coat at the beach great for the beach
Must have beachwear! Children wear their Cuddle Me Beach Coat ® to & from the beach. Handy pocket for sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, shells or whatever. Swim then dry whilst wearing a comfy Cuddle Me Beach Coat ® leaving arms & legs free to run and play. 2 toggle closure allows for easy movement and air flow to help prevent overheating.
cuddle me beach coat at swimming lessons great for those swimming lessons
... and swimming clubs. Arrive & leave wearing a Cuddle Me Beach Coat ® with goggles & cap in pocket to help alleviate carrying heavy bags. Comfy to wear & dry quicker than using loose towelling. Sized for toddlers & up. Easy closure, even toddlers learn & enjoy mastering the toggle.
cuddle me beach coat in the spa great for spas & saunas
Mums can slip in & out of the water & wear a Cuddle Me Beach Coat® to stay warm & dry whilst keeping arms free to tend to other matters. 5 toggle modesty closure allows air to flow freely around the body to help prevent overheating.
cuddle me beach coat at your home swimming pool great for your home swimming pool
Fabulous addition to the swimwear! When children finally emerge from the pool drenched, cold & shrivelled, Cuddle Me Beach Coat ® will dry & warm them quickly to help minimise soaking the carpet or dripping on the tiles upon house entry.

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